About Us

Welcome and greetings from the GrandGSM team! Here you can find all the information about our company and the services that we offer.

Who are we?

The GrandGSM company, founded in Dubai, UAE, is a wholesale distributor of mobile phones and spare electronic parts. That perfect place to find both brand-new and pre-owned or refurbished mobile phones in their best conditions. GrandGSM offers not only phones but also a wide selection of original LCD screens produced in the official factories of the respective brands. We provide great deals and the best prices for each customer. What’s more? Our team of professional experts specializes in re-commerce as well. This probably sounds unfamiliar to you, and no, this is not about e-commerce.

What is Re-commerce?

Re-commerce is the process of buying and selling used pre-owned consumer electronics, in our case, mobile phones. Before selling used phones, each of them should pass through a high-level testing and assessment process. Simply saying, with new innovative approaches and high-quality tools we give second life to mobile phones of all kinds.

How is the testing and assessment process being done?

The testing and assessment process includes four phases:

  1. Sorting mobile phones. This is the very first thing we do when we receive the products in our warehouse. Our experts sort the phones according to their appearance depending on the damages, scratches, deformations, and notches.
  2. Testing is the central part of the assessment process. In this stage, engineers test the full functionality of each device’s software.
  3. Cleaning. In this stage the memory and data of each phone are cleared by restoring it to the factory state. It enables the user to adjust the phone settings from A to Z according to individual convenience.
  4. Grading. In this final stage, based on their appearance and functionality, mobile phones get their grading mark: A, B, C, or D. You can find more information about the grading system here.

Initially, our goal was to incorporate our efforts and to found eco-friendly business. Now we can proudly say that GrandGSM works towards optimizing and extending the life-cycle of consumer electronics. And in this way, we definitely have our contribution in reducing the environmental impact. Re-commerce is part of eco-friendly business sphere and being among the contributors of such huge culture helps us to do our utmost to make customers feel satisfied and appreciated and of course responsible for mother nature.